Mentor Program

WSCB is currently seeking conservation professionals to volunteer as mentors for early career biologists and students interested in a career related to conservation biology. The objective of the WSCB mentor program is create a program that fosters young conservation biologists and increases communication among the different disciplines of conservation biology.

First, we would like to develop a database of mentor profiles as a resource for individuals seeking mentorship. Mentees will contact potential mentors directly to inquire about a mentor relationship and to determine if the mentor is a good fit based on shared interests and availability and the mentee’s career goals.

Career mentors often benefit from:

  • the opportunity to contribute to development of future conservation professionals
  • identifying potential interns/new hires
  • learning about ongoing research and new technology in the field

Mentees can use this program to:

  • explore future career options
  • learn how to prepare for their future career
  • gain insight on the field from experienced professional’s perspective.

If you are interested in becoming a member please fill out the form below: