2016-2017 WSCB Board of Directors Nominations Now Open

Now calling for dedicated conservation researchers and professionals to be a part of the leadership team for the Wisconsin Chapter of SCB

The call for nominations for the 2016-2017 WSCB Board is now open. If you are interested in becoming a board member* or would like to nominate an individual, please email Krysta Koralesky by December 10th with your intent. Please include professional or academic affiliation and a 3-5 sentence bio. Elections will occur in January among voting members.

The WSCB Board of Directors is an interactive leadership committee of 8 individuals who help direct and implement the goals of our Chapter. Board meetings occur on a monthly basis. Board member responsibilities include organizing and attending chapter meetings; planning guest speakers, lectures, workshops, panels, and trainings; coordinating member field trips and work days; directing the policy committee; communicating chapter business and conservation-related information and news; planning member events; and advising general chapter structure.

*To become a board member or to vote in elections, you must be a member of the Society for Conservation Biology. To become a member, visit conbio.org/membership/become-a-member.

Bee Fest 2015: Celebrating Wisconsin’s Pollinators

Event: Bee Fest 2015 //June 14th // 10-3 pm // UW Arboretum Visitors Center.

Brown-belted Bumblebee (Bombus griseocollis)The loss of pollinator species is one of the most pressing issues in conservation biology. You’ve probably read about the spread of white nose syndrome in bats and the collapse of honeybee colonies, but there are dozens of other pollinator species that are also declining in number. The loss of these species would have far-reaching economic and ecological impacts; animal pollinators contribute about $35 billion per year to the US economy and pollinate almost 90% of plants.

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Spring 2015 Board Elections

voteInterested in helping to guide WSCB’s future? Consider running for the Board! We are an interactive leadership committee who help direct and implement the goals of our Chapter. WSCB is a part of a network of local chapters working in diverse ways to raise awareness of local conservation issues and provide an important linkage with the Society’s Global directives. Check out more about SCB Global here.

Each year, WSCB will hold elections for the Board, with the term to begin in Spring 2015. Board structure includes: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board will also include 2 Advisory positions appointed by the elected Board, to ensure representation from agency/organization staff and University faculty.

If you’re interested in running for the WSCB Board, please email Becky Kirby  a 3-5 sentence bio, along with which positions you would be interested in/willing to fill, by December 10th. We will post the bios on the website and circulate them among members. More information to come at the Chapter meeting.

***Remember, to run for the Board or to vote in elections, you need to be a SCB Global member. Check out the benefits of membership here.

Chapter Meeting-December

IMG_2122WSCB will hold our first Chapter Meeting: December 3rd at 5 pm, in Science Hall room 15. A social hour will follow.

The agenda includes:

  • news of our events and activities
  • an update on our newly formed student chapter
  • information on our upcoming elections, and a call for candidates
  • news about WSCB hosting the NAACB conference here in Madison, WI and how you can be involved
  • gauging interest on a citizen science project involving WSCB

As always, we also want to hear from you on how you’d like to be involved. Whether it’s taking a leadership role, leading a project or event, or brainstorming new avenues for our chapter–there are plenty of ways you can be an involved member. The first step is attending our bi-monthly meetings! We hope to see you there.

For more information, please see our calendar: